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Flóra Eszter Sarlós | EMPOWERmental: November 12

How to integrate powerful new routines and rituals into your daily life using tools of art?

With Flóra’s collectives, Ziggurat Project, they work on the topic of community wellbeing, stress release and burnout prevention with different target groups (among them high school and university students, freelancer artists, teachers, NGO employees, etc) by using artistic tools based on movement (contact dance, improvisation, yoga), breathing techniques, theatre and art therapy. As Flóra leads workshops, she realised more and more how much it’s important both for us, professionals working with Youth, as well as for Youth themselves to create space and time where we can show fragility, where we can connect to ourselves or to each other, where we can reflect on our emotional balance and create a link between individual and community wellbeing. The workshop itself aims to give tools that can be further used in our own community (workplace, class, professional environment, group of friends, family, etc.) to integrate powerful new routines and rituals using tools of art.


Viktória Makra | Object theatre: November 13

Puppeting is the same age as humanity. At ceremonies, celebrations, “puppets” were often used, made from materials they found around them. A good example of this is the Cast out movie with Tom Hanks. With the development of imagination, we can make huge changes. This is what object animation is all about, the most basic genre of puppetry, where we bring inanimate objects to life. Object animation is recommended for all ages. In addition to the imagination, it develops spatial vision, coordination skills, and body consciousness.


Gergő Lukács | Collaborating through artworks: November 14

This workshop is a collective game with the purpose of getting to know each other’s views and help to get attuned to one another through the tools of different artforms.

One side of the workshop is to give the opportunity to express the same feelings and thoughts by the tools of speech, drawing, sculpting, body, and movement individually and in groups. The other aspect is to learn how to give positive messages and feedback to each other’s creations through collective evaluation.  

Throughout the discussion of individual opinions and the formulation of collective ones, participants can reflect on one another by bringing expressiveness and different views to the surface, further facilitating the understanding of each other, through collective work and forming standpoints collectively, participants could gain insight into how others think. 


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